Stephanie Moon


Fresh Mint Pannacotta

500ml double cream
3 small leaves of gelatine (pre-soaked in cold water)
5 heads of fresh mint
30g golden caster sugar
summer fruits to garnish


Pannacotta is one of my favourite desserts and you wouldn’t believe how simple it is to make. I find it so satisfying when you place it on a plate and it has that great wobble!

Makes 4-6

Pre-soak the gelatine leaves in cold water in a bowl until they go rubbery.

Add the cream, sugar and fresh mint heads to a pan and place on the heat until the mixture starts to boil. Remove from the heat and stir in the gelatine leaves until they dissolve.

Pass the whole mixture through a fine sieve.

Pour the mixture into serving glasses of your choice and place on a flat surface in the fridge to set.

To Serve:

Roll a few summer berries in caster sugar and sprinkle over the top of the pannacotta. Serve chilled.

Spiced Whitby Mackerel Fillet

For the mackerel

1 large mackerel, filletted and pin bones removed
2 large bamboo skewers (soaked in water for 20 mins so they do not burn when cooking)
½ tsp finely chopped green chilli
1 lime
pinch of cracked black pepper
fennel pollen (from a fennel plant, or buy online)


For the flat bread

395g plain flour
1 tsp salt
5g ground coriander
3 tsp freshly chopped coriander
2 tbsp olive oil
freshly cracked black pepper
warm water to mix to form the dough

For the salad

1 mango, destoned and sliced thinly
1 carrot, peeled and grated
¼ large head of crunchy green salad
2 tsp freshly chopped coriander (set aside a few chopped leaves for the dressing)
1 cucumber
1 tsp desiccated coconut

For the salad dressing

1 large shallot
1 tsp Yorkshire honey
3 tbsp Yorkshire rapeseed oil
1 tbsp fruit flavoured vinegar
coriander leaves set aside from the salad above
1 lime, zest and juice

For the cucumber dressing

½ cucumber
1 small pot of natural yoghurt
2 sprigs of fresh mint, leaves removed and finely chopped


Served with mango and coriander salad, coriander and black pepper flat bread and cucumber yoghurt dressing

Serves 2


Gently sprinkle the mackerel with fennel pollen or cracked black pepper if you prefer. Cut a lime in half and then again into three segments before placing the lime and the mackerel on the bamboo skewer that has been pre-soaked in water. Rub the chilli, fennel pollen and a little zest and juice of lime over the mackerel and allow to marinade. This can be done overnight for a strong marinade or used straightaway if you prefer. Make sure the barbeque is hot or use a hot chargrill pan. Cook the mackerel for around two minutes each side depending on the size of the fish.

Coriander and black pepper flat bread

Simply mix the flour, chopped coriander, cracked black pepper, salt and olive oil in a bowl with warm water until it becomes a dough ball. Knead the dough well before cutting into 4-6 segments, depending on how large you’d like them. Roll out with a sprinkle of flour to approximately 20cm x 15cm wide. Griddle in a pan or even on a low light BBQ and cook for about 2-3 minutes each side.

For the salad

Peel and de-stone the mango before cutting it into thin pieces. Add the coriander leaves, the grated carrot and the crunchy green lettuce. Peel four strands of cucumber vertically down the whole cucumber. Add a teaspoon of toasted desiccated coconut.

For the salad dressing

Finely chop the shallot and the remaining coriander leaves.  Add to this the zest and juice of the lime, a teaspoon of Yorkshire honey and one tablespoon of the Womersley vinegar. Whisk this together and pour the rapeseed oil slowly into the bowl whisking all the time.

For the cucumber yoghurt dressing

Finely chop the mint and add to the natural yoghurt with some diced cucumber and seasoning.

To Serve:

Pour the dressing over the salad leaves before placing the salad in the centre of the plate. You may not use all the dressing so keep it for your next salad. Place the hot skewer of mackerel onto the salad and serve with the coriander black pepper flat bread and cucumber yoghurt dressing. Finish with a drizzle of dressing around the plate.

Slingsby Rhubarb gin and Strawberry Cocktail

1 shot Slingsby Yorkshire rhubarb gin

1 shot strawberry syrup (see below)

1 tuille biscuit (see below)

tonic water to top up

1 ice cube

strawberry flavoured sugar to garnish the glass (available online)

candy floss (buy online or make using candy floss sugar if you have a candy floss machine)

1 begonia flower (edible flower available online from Herbs Unlimited near Thirsk)

For the strawberry syrup

6 strawberries

4 tbsp caster sugar

150ml water

For the tuille biscuit

1 egg white

50g caster sugar

35g plain flour

30g unsalted butter melted and cooled

½ tsp vanilla extract


Tuille biscuit

This recipe makes up to 20 tuille biscuits but you can freeze the mixture raw to cook later if you do not want to make that many.

Ideally you will need a silicone baking mat.

Simply beat the egg white gently and allow to break up. Add the melted cooled butter, flour and caster sugar and mix well with the vanilla extract.

Allow to rest in the fridge and for the butter to set hard, ideally for an hour.

On a chilled silicone baking mat, spread the tuille mix thinly with a spoon into an oblong shape long enough to cover your glass to stop the candyfloss from falling into the cocktail.

Bake the biscuit at 180 °C for 2-5 mins until golden then carefully remove with a palette knife and place on a cooling wire.

If not using straight away, place in an airtight container or they will go soft. Take care, these are very delicate.

Cocktail strawberry syrup

Simply slice 6 strawberries into a small pan, add the sugar and cover with water. Bring this to the boil and allow to steep and cool once boiled.

Drain after an hour and you will have some sweet strawberry flavoured syrup.

To Serve:

Prepare the cocktail glasses with strawberry sugar around the rim.

Place the shot of Slingsby rhubarb gin in a small jug with the ice cube, add a shot of strawberry syrup and top up with tonic water to taste.

Before serving, sieve out the ice cube. Carefully pour into the strawberry sugared glass, allowing enough space at the top of the glass to avoid spilling.

Now place the tuille biscuits on top and add the candy floss cloud. Finally place the begonia flower on the candy floss.

There are two ways to drink this! Firstly eat the candy floss and tuille and then sip the cocktail. Alternatively remove the tuille and allow the candyfloss to disintegrate into the cocktail and sip the drink. The candy floss simply disappears as it touches the liquid, which creates quite a nice dramatic effect.

Turkish Rose Petal Delight

1kg granulated sugar
2 tsp rose water (see below)
Pink food colouring
17 leaves of gelatine
100g icing sugar
2 tbsp cornflour
2 large airtight boxes

Rose water

1 cup pink scented rose petals
2 cups boiling water


To make your rose water, place rose petals in a colander and run under a cold tap for a few seconds then drain well.

Next place the rose petals in a glass bowl and pour over the boiling water. Cling film the bowl and allow to sit for half an hour.

Strain off the petals and discard. This strong rose water will keep up to a week in the fridge in a bottle with a lid on.

Soften the gelatine leaves in a pint of very cold water in a pan and allow the gelatine to go limp.  Add the sugar and bring to the boil, then gently simmer for about 25 mins.

Turn off the heat and stir in the rose water and add a few drops of food colouring. Allow to cool.

Pour the mixture into a greaseproof paper lined tray and allow to set in a cool place.

When it has set, combine the cornflour and icing sugar in a bowl. Use this to lightly dust a bread board, then turn out the jelly onto the board.

Cut into cubes and mix through the remaining powdery icing sugar and cornflour.

Place turkish delight into the airtight boxes ready for eating when desired.

Whitby Crab, Crayfish and Avocado Cocktail with Lacey’s traditional cheese wafer

2 dressed Whitby crabs (white crab meat only)
1 ripe avocado, skin removed and de-stoned
20 cooked crayfish (shelled)
2 baby gem salad leaves

For the lime dressing
100g caster sugar
2 limes, juiced (passed through a sieve) and finely grated zest (using a micro plane preferably)
water to mix

Cheese wafer

150g finely grated Laceys handmade Yorkshire cheese (alternatively use parmesan)


Serves 4

You will need 4 martini cocktail glasses.

Lime dressing

Using a very clean pan (if your pan is not very clean the sugar will crystallise) place the sugar in the pan and just cover with water.

Heat this until a thick syrup-like consistency is reached, and then add the lime juice and zest to the syrup.

Allow this thick lime dressing to cool.

Cheese wafer

Simply place the grated cheese on baking parchment or a silicone mat and bake gently at 160°C for 5 minutes until golden and crisp. Remove from the tray and allow to cool.

Chef’s note: This will not work with all cheeses but if you want an alternative, parmesan cheese works really well.

To Serve:

Wash, dry and polish your martini glasses and place on a tray.

Rinse the baby gem salad leaves and pat dry with a clean cloth, then shred with a knife and place in the base of the martini glasses.

Pick through the cooked dressed Whitby crab (discarding any shell) and place on top of the little gem salad in each glass.

Place 5 crayfish on top of the crab meat, then spoon over the lime syrup dressing.

Cut the avocado into reasonably small segments and arrange on top of the crayfish.

Serve with the Laceys cheese wafer on the side of the glass. You can also use some of the rind from the lime to add extra colour to the dish for effect.